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Yoyo for Presidential Puppy:  For The Change Pets Need 

President Obama Puppy

Los Angeles, California – In the weeks since President-Elect Barack Obama’s historic victory, the most pressing question on everybody’s mind is the most surprising of all: who’s going to be the presidential puppy? During his eloquent speech on Election Night, in which he declared that “change has come to America,” Obama promised his two young daughters, Malia and Sasha, a puppy when they move into the White House, carrying on a long tradition of famous Presidential Pets. But who is the right pet for America’s New First Family? 

Behold, the candidate for today’s America: Yoyo the Puli for Presidential Puppy!

Yoyo is a native of New Orleans, where she survived Hurricane Katrina, and she is a rescue dog, which would show the Obamas’ support of shelters throughout the country. She is hypoallergenic, which is a necessity because of Malia’s allergies. This housetrained, well-groomed four-year-old Puli is energetic, friendly, and very diplomatic, just in case Vladimir Putin brings his Russian wolfhound over for a run! 

Yoyo’s Puli Party Platform:

Yoyo calls for Americans to help make the change that’s necessary in our nation’s overcrowded shelters and help her work toward a future where no more pets have to be euthanized. She hopes to put rescue and shelter dogs into all American homes. Her personal motto is “No More Drama,” and she encourages dogs everywhere to unite and put conflict behind them, volunteer in their communities, avoid chewing on furniture, and remember that their similarities (four legs, cute noses, tails) are far greater than their differences. 

Other “pet projects” for Yoyo include: 

  • Humane SocietySupport American Humane - Put your canine in a cool, American Apparel ‘White House PAWtential’ doggie t-shirt with proceeds going to this worthwhile organization.
  • Stay Cool Under FireStay Cool Under Fire – Just like the canine heroes she admires who volunteer for Search & Rescue Missions, Yoyo promises all dogs will be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter. She suggests owners visit and check out the latest vests like the special edition red, white and blue one she’s wearing to announce her candidacy. 
  • Green Pet ToysGreen Toys for All – Pets of all shades should demand toys and playthings made from non-toxic materials, produced by environmentally responsible companies, such as Simply Fido’s Organic Pet Toy Collection, which manufactures all of its toys right here in the United States. 
  • Organic Pet FoodEat Organic – Just like their owners, dogs and cats love their organic food! Organic pet foods, like Kruncheros Fine Pet Dining, are simply healthier and tastier, and the choice of the discerning pet palate. Kruncheros offers a sophisticated line of freeze-dried raw food that comes in four delicious flavors: Chicken Pot Py, Beef Wellington, Chicken Fiesta, and Spaghetti & Meatballs. 
  • Pet BedA Good Night’s Sleep – With a country in crisis, it’s important to a good night’s sleep. This helps us, both humans and pets, be the best version of ourselves: productive, friendly, and happy. This is only possible with a comfortable bed, such as those made by Urban Bone Dog Beds, which produces handmade canine and kitty beds that are comfortable, decorative, and durable. 
  • Pet VitimansStay Healthy – Our health, and that of our pets, is of utmost importance, and an important aspect of any health regimen is proper nutrition. Recommended by top pet nutritionists, Vetraceuticals is an easy-to-use supplement that helps pet immune systems, ensuring a long healthy life.
  • Pet ArtSupport the Arts - A vibrant culture of arts is essential to a successful civilization and, under a Yoyo pet-ministration, all pooches will be encouraged to express themselves. American Artist Aimée Hoover will help. Her one-of-a-kind, custom pet portraits already hang in the homes of animal lovers across the country and now, she will be painting our Nation’s First Dog hopeful. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Bark Magazine, Modern Dog, and Australia’s Urban Animal, in which she was recognized internationally as one of ten pet portrait artists from around the world. 
  • Pet PartySupport Your Party - Seeing the light side of any situation is an important aspect of being a pet, especially a presidential hopeful, and Yoyo finds all her fun accessories at Charming Pet Products. Whenever she has to address her public, Yoyo sports the company’s famous Original Party Collar in a red, white and blue patriotic design for all-American canines! This Party-Collar consists of fancy chiffon ribbons finished with stars connected on a covered elastic band that fits around a patriotic pooches’ neck. Yoyo says Charming’s Patriotic Party Collar is the perfect accessory for the new First Dog in the White House! Woof! 
  • Pet HairDress Fabulous, Be Fabulous - A lover of stylish clothes and dramatic fashion statements, Yoyo knows pets must look good to succeed. She finds her pet fashion at Total Diva Pets, whose fashionable wigs for fashionable dogs were a giant hit on the runways of Pet Fashion Week in New York and Tokyo. Dogs everywhere will want to look just like Yoyo by wearing the Afro style. 
  • Be preparedBe Prepared - Following the Boy Scouts’ solemn creed, Yoyo keeps herself safe by bucking up while in the car with her own seat belt from She does this not only to protect herself, but also for the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Unrestrained pets can cause serious harm to your beloved four-legged family member or to other passengers if the pets are launched during a crash.  

Think not what your dog can do for you, think what you can do for your dog! on CNN!

Here’s our client, on CNN!

How did this happen? We did an event that received local coverage and then that coverage was sent over the national wire and Voila! CNN got a hold of it and aired it! You never know how these things happen.

Gayle Anderson – KTLA Morning News – KTLA.COM

Alpha Dog PR ‘s client, the American Humane Association, discussed their concern about the possibility of abandoned Chihuahuas because of the new movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” live at the city shelter in downtown Los Angeles on the KTLA Morning News! We love Gayle, she’s a real dog lover. And her own little dogs help her out on many of her dog related stories. Go Gayle!

Alpha Dog Pr gets Danger Dogs in The New York Post

The New York Post and Danger Dogs, imagine that! Well, this article took quite a while to materialize but it finally did! She got lots of orders from this…

Fox News Highlights Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa

Fox News Highlights Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa for Summer Staycations

Fox Business News interviews our client, Chris Orr, Marketing Director for the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa

Check out Chris Orr. What a rock star! There he is from Hollywood standing in front of all the beach front hotels and resorts talking about staycations! Isn’t he fabulous?

We got the Nationally Syndicated show Dog Tales to do a segment on herding at Contact Point Ranch.

This is where Baldwin and Bliss love to heard sheep. Doesn’t it look like fun? I guess not if you’re a member of the flock. But the dogs sure do love it!

Dog Tales Spotlight on Border Collies

Karen is the person responsible for bringing Agility to Los Angeles. She’s quite a business woman and I really admire her. She also care deeply for the animals at her ranch. I needed to rehome some chickens one and Karen took them in. How is good old Bertha these days, Karen?

Dog’s Life Magazine features Alpha Dog PR clients and their products for the traveling pet.

Burley Tail Wagon, Immi’s Pet Safety Buckle and Happy Tails Spa’s on-the-road grooming products for the traveling pet are featured in the summer issue of Dog’s Life Magazine.

Alpha Dog PR’s clients go green in Spring issue of Dog’s Life Magazine

Honest Kitchen’s healthful dog food in eco-friendly packaging and Simply Fido’s organic dog toys are earth-friendly highlights in the Spring issue of Dog’s Life Magazine.

Here’s one of our clients on

Here’s one of our clients on We just love Danger Dogs from Nepal, don’t you?

Alpha Dog PR gets pre-publicity for our client Walk For The Underdog!

KTLA Morning News Featured Alpha Dog PR

KTLA Morning News featured Alpha Dog PR’s Holiday gift Trendsetters for this segment with the popular reporter Gayle Anderson. You might notice a couple of the dog stars on the show!

Susan Hartzler reported on Holiday Gift trends for Dog Tales

Our President Susan Hartzler reported on Holiday Gift trends for the nationally syndicated Dog Tales show. Of course, she used items from our Trendsetters!


Los Angeles County Health Connections (March)

Bliss dressed up for the kids in items from Alpha Dog PR clients. On behalf of the kids, we thank you so much for brining a smile to their faces!

From Dog Fancy Magazine

It;s always exciting to get into this publication! And lately, they’ve been calling us for stories. That’s nothing to “howl” about! I guess it was just a matter of time before we became known as being “pet-centric!”

Alpha Dog PR Features “Baron Hats” on Dog Tales

Another client, Baron Hats, was also featured on Dog Tales. And guess who a couple of the models are?

These are the best hats! They are extremely well made and are really works of art.
We had such a great time doing this story.
Alpha Dog PR Features “” on Dog Tales

We arranged for our client to be featured on the Nationally Syndicated show Dog Tales. You might recognize a couple of the dogs as our President’s four legged family, Baldwin and Bliss!

Healing Lifestyles Magazine: Renaissance Esmeralda Resort

View the rest of this article at Healing Lifestyles Magazine.

Winter Issue of Pet Product News

Urban Bone’s designer pet bed, Sunny-Dogs Inc’s Pet First Aid Kit and Purrrfect Pets Massage Mitts were featured in the Winter Issue of Pet Product News after joining in the Trendsetters Promotion. This editorial placement is worth $5,280.00 had they taken out an ad in the publication.

Le Paws in the 2007 Hollywood Santa Parade

Alpha Dog PR coordinated the appearance of dogs from Le Paws in the 2007 Hollywood Santa Parade. We also worked with Cesar Millan orchestrating his participation in the event

AlphaDog PR Interview with Gayot on Pet Travel

Our President, Susan Hartzler, was interviewed for this story in Gayot on pet travel:

[Read The Complete Article on]

Pet travel is on the rise in the United States, according to experts in the field. “More and more people want to bring their dogs on vacation with them,” says Susan Hartzler, President of Alpha Dog PR, “instead of missing their beloved four-legged family member.”

“Pet-friendly” is the latest amenity at hotels across the country, but the term can mean different things in different places. It usually refers to dogs, but Hotel Allegra in Chicago and others do allow cats.

“The important thing,” says Hartzler, “is to call the property prior to the trip and find out their parameters, or book through a specialized travel agency which offers customized travel concepts incorporating the family pet.”

It’s possible to bring pets along pretty much anywhere in the U.S., from boutiques to chains, from high end to low. Whole towns, including Carmel and Ventura on California’s coast, welcome pets in special parks and on designated beaches. But road trips with Fido usually don’t come cheap: expect to pay $25 or more per night per pet, with additional deposits or cleaning fees ranging up to several hundred dollars per animal.

At Hotel Solamar, a Kimpton property in San Diego’s trendy Gaslamp District, you’ll find one of the most reasonable policies around: all pets are accepted, and with no fee. The only thing the hotel requires is a cell phone number for the guest in case of a pet emergency while the owners are away from the property. Bay Area-based Personality Hotels only accepts dogs weighing 40 pounds or less, and does not take Pit Bulls, Rottweilers or any animals that appear aggressive. Guests pay a $75 cleaning fee and are also on the line for up to $250 in additional cleaning costs.

W Hotels has a Pets Are Welcome (PAW) policy. There’s a $25 increase in the room rate for a pet, plus a $100 cleaning fee, but also plenty of pampering, from chew toys and a special bed to monthly Lucky Dog animal fashion shows at the San Diego property.

At the very upper end, Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles allows small dogs and pampers them well, but charges a $500 cleaning fee as the room is taken out of circulation for a full day following checkout for deep cleaning. The three Peninsula properties in the US all welcome furry friends. At The Peninsula Beverly Hills, canine guests receive monogrammed paw print towels and sleep on a small Simmons Beautyrest Mattress with 300 thread count sheets, for which the hotel charges a $35 supplement. And all Peninsula hotels have ready access to emergency vet care 24 hours a day, which may be the most important pet amenity of all.

[Read The Complete Article on]

Healing Lifestyles Magazine: Pet Pampering

pet healingOur President Susan Hartzler and her dog Baldwin are mentioned in this article in Healing Lifestyles Magazine, November-December 2007. The topic is Pet Pampering, Spa Time For Your Best Friend. So of course, the media came to Susan to weigh in on the topic!

Dr. Karen “DKaren Halliganoc” Halligan

Dr. Karen Halligan is the author of What Every Pet Owner Should Know: Prescriptions for Happy, Healthy Cats and Dogs. She has acquired many great media placements including LIVE with Regis and Kelly and the Today Show. Please click here to view her demo reel, highlighting some of her achievements. Be sure to watch her on Animal Planet’s Groomer Has It and read her stories in Parade Magazine. She’s quite a go getter, that Doc Halligan!

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

The Renaissance Hollywood Hotel is one of Alpha Dog PR’s Hospitality industry clients. Alpha Dog PR is on hand to publicize the upcoming changes that will take place at the property and have already acquired some great media highlights and instituted a blog on the comapny’s website. The blog has received great reviews from the media!

Dog Days Ahead

Alpha Dog PR was featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal on September 3, 2007. The article highlights the re-branding of the company as well as many of Alpha Dog’s premiere pet clients. Click here for an online version of the article. We just rebranded and already, were the topic of conversation. Hey, that’s great when people are talking about you!

Making the Distinction Between PR Wolf and Alpha Dog

Our company’s president, Susan Hartzler, was just honored with an article in PR insider online magazine “Strumpette: Leader’s Perspective.” The article highlights the passion and knowledge she brings to the industry through her love and knowledge of pet’s and the industry responsible for enhancing and improving their lives. Please Click Here for the full article. If you have any questions about Susan or this company, this is the article to read!

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